What is Travel Signs?

What is Travel Signs?

A visual way to communicate

Travel Signs is based on the basic concept of interpersonal communication between different kinds of people (hearing and deaf). The sign language is a visual way to communicate without the use of speech. The project Travel Signs achieves a distinctive step forward in international communication with this signs. Travel Signs offers an intuitive and expandable platform for learning and promoting sign language on an international level. Therefore our innovative platform uses the international signs. Basically this kind of communication is based on the sign language, which deaf people use to express among themselves.

Many videos online

So we came to the idea to provide the world with our sign language videos to learn. In the video section you will find all sort of videos subdivided into different categories. They are a kind of Sign-Lexica on a reliable but casual way. In international sign there is no dictionary so far and many philologists wouldn’t transpose it because it is not an independent and internationally approved language as the other accredited country sign languages.

Users comments:

“It’s fantastic! Thank’s to TravelSigns I can now communicate with my deaf friend!”


“Just amazing. TravelSigns learned me several signs i didn’t know they exist and I am able to communicate a little bit small talk in foreign countries with deaf people.”


“I didn’t know that such a language exists. I just wanted to book a flight and landed on this fabulous Website! I was very interested in the theme that I started to learn the signs right away.”