The Project

What is this project all about?

What are we talking about here?

Travel Sings is a website created in an interdisciplinary school team project by five SAE students. The initiator of the idea is Stanko Pavlica – one of our schoolmates in the team – is deaf himself. This fact has been the ignition to this brilliant idea of a completely new form of learning the international characters of the sings language easily.

Additionally, deaf people and their culture can be followed more easily by non deafs with a fresh and cool Design and thus getting less “untouchable”. A human being only feels disabled or handicapped if it is impossible to communicate with other people. Knowing the right (signs) language is the key to the successful communication. And this is where Travel Signs is filling the gaps. The aim is to create a universal code for all people in whatever situation. If you are at a restaurant asking for a meal, make enquiries about a certain bus line or just having a smalltalk with a friend who is deaf – Travel Signs comes in and is right at your hand.


International Sign is originally not a language in its own sense. International Sign is not a naturally born language but rather a language system. This kind of communication has been created originally in the 60ies and 70ies and is being used at congresses and big events. With this possibility, deafs of all over the world can rudimentarily access and understand others in an international context for the most part if they cannot fall back on a personal translator.

Over the last 10 years more and more people all over the globe – deaf or not – are getting interested in the international sign language. It is trendy and spreading. We are giving you the possibility to learn a small amount of it. With your help we can build up this platform by providing us with your request and wishes. Have fun!